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We have opened a place that keeps the architecture and the feeling of the sea with the sound of the waves as melody and the smell of saltpeter as a backdrop to our evenings. A mall open in its structure and in its feeling... It's time to come, discover and create memories that will remain forever as secrets in the sea.


Welcome to your Mall in El Puerto, welcome to Martiánez.

The sea. The sea takes away the old and brings us the new. It takes the past and brings the future with the hope and illusion of what is yet to come. The SEA unites us, undress us of body and soul without fear of coming together and feeling vulnerable.


The sea unites the islands. It joins different names that form a whole. It calls the islands archipelago or dozens of businesses a single mall. A mall where we unite, where the sea takes us among people and experiences to immerse ourselves in moments to remember.


The Pyramids are now a thing of the past, and what happened is buried there, as a memory to build on. Now the sea floods us with new sensations upon which to create and believe.

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